Our Facilities

Iwatsu Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. is committed to achieve short lead-time delivery and low-cost production by consistent production flow beginning from component procurement to delivery. Please refer to images below to view our factory layout and our production flow.

Flexibility of production Printed circuit board assembly SMT / Inserter Mounting Processes

We have a line-up of the latest SMD compatible 0603 chips mounting equipment, axial and radial thru-hole mounting technology, enable to meet customer satisfaction on wide range of production requirements from ultra-small chips to large BGAs, PLCCs, and irregular parts.

Implement in-line solder printing inspection and 2D AOI appearance inspection machine before reflow process, 3D AOI for solderability inspection after reflow process to guarantee PCBAs quality satisfaction.

Part ID management

All SMD parts with barcode labeling for total material management control and traceability.

Reliable Trace ability Production system

SMD Mounting Machine Reel Matching System SMD machines equipped with parts reel bar-coding verification system during parts set-up to eliminate human errors and improve high productivity.

Thru-hole Manual Mounting Wave Soldering Assembly

Well trained multi-skill workers assemble for large and odd shaped parts that are unable to mount with high technology equipment, and solder them with automatic wave soldering equipment.

Thru-hole Manual Mounting Hand-Soldering Assembly

Well trained with certified hand soldering skill worker assemble those parts difficult mount with automatic wave soldering equipment.

Printed circuit board testing and inspection

We have provided a large range of PCBAs testing equipment's such as In-circuit tester, Function tester, System tester,and Aging test.

Function Tester barcoding recording

Barcoding scanning during function testing to have fast log file recording access for process improvement analysis and traceability.

High-Mix Low Volume Production Concept

We provide a wide range of production platforms with small to large production quantitties to meet customer requirements.