Company Background

Iwatsu Malaysia Office Building

Iwatsu Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. boasts advanced technology and a comprehensive range of services. We offer optimal solutions for the diverse world of business.

We live in a world that is shaped by the speed of science, technology, and communication. Companies today face a myriad of challenges, including flexible product development that is in sync with the state of the market, increasing sales, and making product availability more efficient. Iwatsu Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. backs up businesses with comprehensive, high-caliber tech services through Fusion between hardware and software systems development, our Total system framework, and Consistent system installation and maintenance.

Our goal is to further the satisfaction of our customers through offering the best solutions. Iwatsu Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. is constantly striving to create new value and contribute to enriching society.

Maximize cost effectiveness through global component procurement

Iwatsu Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. is a certified facility obtaining VAA (Value Added Activities) credential as well as LMW (Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse) license. LMW in which no customs duties is imposed on foreign cargoes enables us to export/ import manufactured goods without taxation.

VAA (Value Added Activities)

Even in such a circumstance as sharp appreciation of yen, we are committed to maximize cost performance by offering you consistent services comprised of procurement, manufacturing and warehousing.

Main component procurement map