(Electronic Manufacturing Service) EMS Business Workflow

(Electronic Manufacturing Service) EMS Business Workflow
Design Support
PCB design & Mechanical design
  • We offer you our support services for your overall product design ranging from component mounting design to structural design.
  • In addition, making the most of the merit as an oversea-based Japanese company, we offer you total development support services including the local procurement of production facilities/ molding die and selection of suitable raw materials.
Component procurement
  • We procure good-quality and price-competitive components domestically and internationally through collaboration with Iwatsu Electric Co., Ltd. & Iwatsu Hong Kong Ltd. and utilization of our own global network.
Integrated Production System
  • Optimizing the merit of the integrated system of production from SMT (Surface-Mount Technology) to assembly, we meet wide range of your requirements by conducting flexible production such as mass-production and high-mix low-volume production and offering proposals for productivity improvements.
Quality Assurance
  • To meet your every quality need, we provide you high accuracy analysis data and quality assurance data acquired by wide range of inspections and credibility test facilities.

Conduct wide variety of (Electronic Manufacturing Service) EMS production with IWATSU technology

As your partner, we are committed to meet your every need by conducting wide variety of production such as mass production and low volume production. Consistent solution from global perspective makes it possible to realize short-time delivery and low-cost production.

Base on the knowledge gained from experience in the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) field, we are committed to offer you maximum cooperation from every aspect of production process such as development to production, assembly and delivery. Please visit our Products section to view sample of our Electronic Manufacturing Service products.