Message from Director

Challenge & Innovation” – Iwatsu Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. was established in 1991 as an overseas manufacturing subsidiary of Japan-based Iwatsu Electric Company, and has gotten a fresh start with the aforementioned slogan. In 2011, we will celebrate our 20th anniversary of the founding since we first manufactured business telephones for North American market in 1992.“Monozukuri”, craftsmanship or skilled manufacturing, is one of the focal point in the Iwatsu Group and we have been addressing this on the front line. With “Monozukuri” spirit in mind, we are offering wide range of services from product design support to mass-production.
Even in the prolonged global economic downturn commenced from the bankruptcy of the major US financial institute, we are confident that our passion to “Monozukuri” can still be a driving force for the implementation of the existing product line as well as new line of business and contributes for the benefit of global economy. Under “Challenge & Innovation” as a slogan, we will put together our energy across the organization to move forward with new challenges. Your continued support would be highly appreciated.


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Managing Director
Tomokazu Ishiyama
Iwatsu (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd